Check us out on Desura

2012-04-24: Desura looks to be sort of an indie Steam and more! Keep up to date with Giant City Games news by subscribing to us on Desura! Get a glimpse of our secret project perhaps. We even like the color scheme...

New Android game released

2012-04-05: Well, a game company that produces games...what will they think of next? This first foray into the world of games is: Bad Plant. The premise of the game is to prevent an unruly plant from taking over your garden. The play is reminiscent of everyone's favorite falling blocks game, but has a unique twist! Connect the flowers to the ground to prune this shrub into something a little more reasonable.

Click here to see Bad Plant in the Google Play Store.

New Android app released

2012-03-09: In our continuing quest for world domination, we have released a new app called: Tea Leaf Fortune Teller. While this project is a bit of a surprise to myself, it introduced the whole team to a different way of looking at things. It's fun, kinda a fortune cookie for the phone. Let us know what you think of it.

Click here to see Tea Leaf Fortune Teller in the Google Play Store.

Welcome to the new Giant City Games website!

2012-03-09: Giant City Games is just getting started, but we have some fun and interesting stuff headed your way. Right now, the focus is on Android apps, but there's also a big PC project in the works. Please excuse the website at this point, as it is certainly a work in progress! Thanks for dropping by and we hope to see you again in the future.